March 22, 2015

A milestone for the twins

This was a milestone for the twins - a party invite just for Kendra because it was a party just for girls.

Connor was devastated at first but we tried to talk up the "special time with Daddy" part and when we were at the party, Kendra decorated a biscuit for Connor too which he and I both appreciated.

At the party, the girls rolled out biscuit dough and made their biscuits. While that was baking, they then rolled out pizza dough and put on their toppings of choice. The pizzas baked and then they had those for lunch.

And then the biscuits cooled down enough for decorating.

The mom was very organised and had all the portions of dough ready, the icing was all ready and the girls could just do the fun bits.

(notable - she had some yummy snacks - I still remember the bacon-wrapped potato bites - yum!)


I'm sure my child was the only one who wanted tomatoes to eat with her pizza :)

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