June 01, 2014

Kendra and the ballet

When they started school last year Kendra wanted to join. So I signed her up, paid a fortune for her to learn basically nonsense (but I'll admit my standards are high) and outfit her. She refused to do exams or shows or anything so I didn't push.

I'd just paid the last term's fees when she told me she didn't want to continue. I said that was fine but she had to finish the year because I'd just paid. She did.

Kendra has told me she only likes the dressing up, not the dance (which KILLS ME!). What is ballet if not for the dance?

This year, I checked with her again just to make sure.  K was very clear (and cross) when she told me, "I TOLD YOU I don't want to do ballet anymore". Okay then.

So I told the teacher and that was that. I fully intended to let her dress up so I could take photos (just so I could have a bit of a memory of her dancing for last year) but I totally forgot UNTIL one day when I was at morning gym and I saw AMAZING light in the studio.

That very Sunday, I made a BIG DEAL of our special date so after lunch, K and I went to have a little photoshoot.

I think they're very special. I love the colour ones and I LOVE the black and whites - so full of emotion, at least I think so.

I made a mini brag book for her of my favourites and printed some extra for framing.

So I'm happy - I have my memories of the year Kendra danced.

Maybe she'll take it up again? Maybe she won't? All fine with me.

(I must admit, after this shoot, I was just a tiny bit sad, because she has great form and good lines for ballet. She did some turns on one leg and even though the bent leg was a bit "off", the rest of her body was "perfect")

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