November 22, 2013

Crafting with kids

Two of my friends often ask me how I get to do stuff while the kids are awake and this is how: I involve them.

In the study I have a cutlery container with glue, washi tape (the ends of rolls), scissors, lovely pencil crayons, markers, etc. I also have a folder of things to mess around with and of course, colouring pages/ activity books, etc.

The key is always be ready and have in your mind if you want to do a 15-minute activity (most of mine are in the 20 - 30-minute time span) or longer.

That's it.

We either craft in my study (not messy stuff), in the kitchen (if I need to cook) or in the sun room (if messy - since it's tiled).

very messy but I didn't know before starting so we were in the study...

colouring - this is Connor's sweet little left hand
making washi tape pegs - yes, I let them loose
Kendra loves to write
she meant "Kendra loves Mummy"
some glitter left over. I told them to use glue stick on colouring pages, and then sprinkle the glitter. I'm a genius... also I wanted to use up the glitter! NO more!!! But I might give your kids some ;)

some finished projects :)
How do you craft with your kids without pulling out your hair?

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