December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

(for some reason these have uploaded in their own special order and I'm in no mood to make it chronological)

these were the placecards the kids made (the thing I'm most proud of - no intervention by me!)

Granny "posing" K

Christmas morning

she wanted to wear one of my necklaces - poor thing - I think I should order one for her

these two are the best of the 50 I took and subsequently deleted...

the 2nd chicken I've ever cooked. BTW, I've now discovered the rotisserie chickens at Fournos. YUM! and cheaper than Woolies


gammon ham

my gift to myself - tip to you - always buy yourself something you REALLY want, wrap it properly and put under the tree. When you open gifts, then there's bound to be that ONE thing that you LOVE LOVE LOVE.
Granny time

i love K's expression

I ordered an A0 canvas of the NYC skyline for that wall, one I took (!!!) - let's hope my bright idea works out..... otherwise it's going to the dining room
And that was our Christmas.

What will I do differently next year?
  1. Simplify food even more or maybe do Christmas brunch?
  2. Definitely fewer presents
  3. Drag the kids outside for better pics :)

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