November 22, 2013

Crafting with kids

Two of my friends often ask me how I get to do stuff while the kids are awake and this is how: I involve them.

In the study I have a cutlery container with glue, washi tape (the ends of rolls), scissors, lovely pencil crayons, markers, etc. I also have a folder of things to mess around with and of course, colouring pages/ activity books, etc.

The key is always be ready and have in your mind if you want to do a 15-minute activity (most of mine are in the 20 - 30-minute time span) or longer.

That's it.

We either craft in my study (not messy stuff), in the kitchen (if I need to cook) or in the sun room (if messy - since it's tiled).

very messy but I didn't know before starting so we were in the study...

colouring - this is Connor's sweet little left hand
making washi tape pegs - yes, I let them loose
Kendra loves to write
she meant "Kendra loves Mummy"
some glitter left over. I told them to use glue stick on colouring pages, and then sprinkle the glitter. I'm a genius... also I wanted to use up the glitter! NO more!!! But I might give your kids some ;)

some finished projects :)
How do you craft with your kids without pulling out your hair?

November 09, 2013

Tyla's 4th party

A few weeks ago we went to a party - one of Connor's classmates.

It was fabulous.

They had C.lamber Cl.ub there with people to boss the kids around and make them move, so all the parents needed to do was eat, drink and relax :)


 I should send the mother a present too!

My children are still a bit too attached to us at parties (D actually) so we had a talk to them and said if they don't want to go play, we're going to start declining the invites since the point of a party is to celebrate with the birthday child.

this is also divine... for me.

Connor, random child, Kendra
the cake was delicious!

but I didn't allow the kids to eat all the sugar decorations
birthday girl's feet on the right
my two "just look at the camera"

of course these are the shots I love, the sneaky shots! Isn't that ring gorgeous?!

Connor pinching me!
I love the reflection in the mother's sunglasses!

Seth and Sophia's 4th birthday

my current favourite photo of the babies

I think she's more into the hug. What do you think?

we have about 4 photos like this - we call it "twim moms unite"

I love this one.
this is the zoomed out version
K's eyelashes!
I'm taking a moment!
this is E, a little gymnast :) She was so fearless I couldn't stop taking photos.

this is also E (from three photos up), but last year
Which is your favourite?

November 02, 2013

My photos at our photoshoot

So when we went for our photoshoot, I took pics of the kids too. I'm always amazed afterwards when there are actually some nice photos because it feels like I'm saying the same thing "LOOK AT ME!!! NO FUNNY FACES" a million times.

genuine scared face!

cute tummy peeking out and a plaster on the knee = authentic four!
again, genuine fear! See D's t-shirt :)

Do you have a favourite?