July 13, 2013

Our Plett holiday - day 2

We had a lovely slow start, took some photos in the beautiful house we were renting and then headed out for an "outing".

But first, lunch!

My friend recommended Thyme and Again and it was FABULOUS. We all had home-made pies (chicken and mushroom, and pepper steak) with salad on the side and they were both delicious. Thoroughly recommend it. Plus it has a lovely play area for kids.

We then went to Plett Puzzle Park which was also wonderful. I loved how organised it all was - each puzzle takes a maximum of 5 minutes to do and then you have to move on so the whole thing was less than an hour. Perfect timing both for the kids and for me.

We also bought the kids some wooden animals in the gift shop - and those lions are still a big hit!
iphone photos
Girls in pink!
sweet Connor
G and Kendra
G and Kendra again
Kendra - I LOVE this photo and I think it's perfect :)
this photo says Marcia and the kids - our standard drinks whenever we go out :)
my sister and BIL
Brother and mother
D and me - love this photo!
winter trees
I love you too, Connor
my brother with the littles
I hadn't swung for over 20 years :)
that's one way to do a maze...
we had to go to the beach again
my little monkey

I love this pic and already have it printed in A4


Mrs FF said...

The swing picture pure joy. Love it. And Connor is so smart. I'll also be tempted to get through a maze like that. Ha ha ha

Louisa said...