July 12, 2013

Our Plett holiday - day 1

Last month we set off on a mini-break to Plett to celebrate my mother's 60th birthday.

We flew to George, hired a car and drove to Plett. Quickly dropped off our things and headed for the beach since it was a gorgeous day.

All had supper together at The Table and then to bed!

the kids examining the snacks I'd put aside for the flight
the lightest we've travelled with the kids... ever!
aaah, the airport
the babies couldn't wait to get on the plane
George - what beautiful mountains and grey skies!
Plett beach
beautiful pink sunset
it was 25 degrees in the middle of winter! we hadn't seen those little arms for about 3 months :)
instagramming the sunset
the kids can take decent photos but I don't trust them on sand!
LOVE! the birds, colours, everything
Kendra and her daddy
the best hugger in the world
sweet little boy
happy boys!
seriously? these colours? Too amazing!
PS first 7 photos are with my iphone

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Mrs FF said...

Lovely! Can't wait to get through them all