July 15, 2013

Our Plett holiday and a detour in Knysna

Very long story short but we'd just left Plett when Connor needed the loo. When D tried to start the car again after the stop, it wouldn't start and there was steam coming from the engine.

The petrol attendants seemed to think it was a burst water pipe.

I got on the phone to Europcar in George and they were excellent. Prompt to get back to me (thank goodness for a charged iphone) and the new car arrived (fairly) quickly too.

However not quickly enough to get all the way to George before we needed to check in.

So I moved our flights later ... R3280 in additional expense.

The only snag is that Europcar's claims procedures are terrible. Dion's been trying to put in a claim to get hopefully all that money back for nearly a month and they keep fobbing him off.

I'll update this post IF the claim gets sorted!

Anyway, since we'd missed our flight, we decided to go have lunch in Knysna. Had lovely time.

Everything else happened without incident and we were home verrrrry late at about 8:30 pm.... and we all had school/ work the next day!

this photo belongs on a brochure somewhere :)
new rental car
playing around a little

the day in iphone photos
We had such a wonderful time in Plett.

That's two beach holidays for the year - I could happily have one every 3 months :)

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Mrs FF said...

Stunning pictures. Love them. And yes those pictures of Kynsa landscape belong on a brochure ,

I hope you get the refund