December 08, 2012

Christopher's 3rd birthday party

We went to Christopher's 3rd birthday party which was held at Drake's Farmyard.

K with bunny
C with bunny
Bunny starts to scratch and C freaks out
"I don't know about these bunnies"
this little dude was so helpful with my K. At first she asked me "are we allowed to talk to this stranger?" LOL We've been talking to them about strangers... maybe too much?
my gorgeous friend Caroline - I would use this on FB if I were her. Just saying :)
finally, the birthday boy, Christopher!
I think my kids were the only ones who had some hot dogs
and some cake

not great technically but look at THE JOY!
spied with the zoom lens :)
my friend, C's daughter Gabriella
My C was besotted with friend C's other daughter Alessia

Which is your favourite?

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