November 10, 2012

Seth and Sophia's 3rd birthday party

My friend, Caren, asked me to take pics at her kids' party. When we arrived it was raining so a lot of the pics were inside and therefore not great.

Thank GOD the rain stopped and the sun came out for a bit so the kids (and I) ran outside.

Nevertheless... the party was lovely and relaxing as usual, food was great (mmm, that lemon meringue!) and so was the company.

other kids' toys are always better

Roz and D
C messing - he helped sweep up that sand afterwards
the family - I can't BELIEVE how much these kids have grown.
doesn't he look exactly like his father?
cute toes!
and cute shoes
which were later discarded
D helping K
3 friends - 6 babies :) All within 4 months of each other. I love these girls.
I think the first decent pic of the two of us. Love it.

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