October 21, 2012

Making doughnuts

So I'd been trying to reward the kids with making doughnuts if they napped well but that was just not working... for about three weeks.

Eventually, they had a good nap one Sunday and the first thing Connor asked me when he woke was, "we're going to make doughnuts today?"


 They look cross but they're not cross about the doughnuts, only about the pics, because they want to get on with the action :)

Of course I need to document it because it takes real mental effort for me to purposefully be messy.

check the fashions - Kendra loves her slipper socks...

okay, there we have a laugh
mixing is serious business
look at that concentration
both getting in on the action
and the result? gorgeous little doughnuts
the kids had them just as is... but D and I had ours with cinnamon sugar
 The doughnut maker is from Clicks.

The recipe says that it makes 24 mini doughnuts. I made mine too full for the first round (see pic above) so I got exactly 21 (3 sessions of 7).

I can thoroughly recommend it - it's totally non-stick - I didn't even have to use Spray and Cook - and it really cooks in just 2 minutes... perfect for the toddler patience :)

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