September 29, 2012

Leon & Christian's 5th party

birthday boys
Gous family
love this pic!
Dion teaching Connor to eat sherbert
I love the row of girls' hair
Kendra always finds pretty flowers :)
spying with my zoom lens
attached to D like a limpet ;)
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September 22, 2012


finding all the Ks in a word search puzzle
we have professional pics of exactly this when the babies were 4 months old
Kendra and me

my favourite pic of the day

I also really like this one

Ughhhhh - and my kids touched the snake

Kiddie boot camp

Connor's shoes

September 21, 2012

The party day that wasn't

We were to go to a party but we ended up not going (long story).

Anyway, since my sole intention for that afternoon was to have fun and take pics of the kids, we went out into the garden and did exactly that.