July 13, 2012

Pre-school creative stash

The kids only went to pre-school for 8 mornings over 3 weeks and already this is all the stuff they managed to generate.

And I just realised I forgot about the tie-dyed t-shirts they made.

So I'm taking pics because I don't intend to hang onto all the "treasures" although I do love the mosaic mirrors and the wooden spoons.

Connor's stuff
Kendra's stuff

July 08, 2012

Kendra and the doll

My sister bought Kendra this doll for her birthday - it says Mama, Papa, etc. The first time she played with it was priceless - the expressions on her face were too much!

Connor building puzzles

July 03, 2012

First birthday card

As you can see, the babies were delighted to be getting their own mail for a change!

Thank you, Brooklyn and Anna