June 06, 2012

Presents and other random pics

When Dion bought me my Mother's Day presents, he also bought some gifts for the kids (slipper socks) which he wrapped.

They were delighted with "presents".

So a few weeks later I had some colouring pencils and notebooks and I decided to wrap them too.

Kendra wouldn't let this gift bag out of her sight

Connor and D were at church so we left his present on the entrance hall table
this has nothing to do with the present but I caught him sleeping one afternoon
Poor Friday. Connor went through a phase where he got hung like this. I told Connor I'm sure Friday's head was getting sore from being upside down like that.
poor thing :) I'm sure he's glad Connor's stopped!

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adesolaf said...

K looked like she would have a major fit if anyone took that bag off her. She had that super possessive look on her face.

Poor Friday!