May 07, 2012

Playing in the kitchen

When I cook supper for us, they also like to "cook" on their little stove.

Also, judging from these pics, this was the last week of no long pyjamas :)

May 06, 2012

Little monkeys

I've just been reminded why the photo a day challenges don't work so well for me.

On this particular dayI took hundreds of pics. There are 3 blog posts just on this blog with all the pics.

And then other days I take nothing :)

But these are the details I want to remember - how small they still are and how they like to climb.

The last bits of summer & yoghurt pops

We don't have a big fridge so sometimes I have to get creative to fit everything in.

 I had a bit of yoghurt from the big tub but I needed the space for a new big tub so quickly poured it into ice lolly moulds and popped it into the freezer.

This was the perfect day to have some "ice-cream", the last hot "summer" weekend day.

The many faces of Kendra

I had to get a pic of my feet against the sky for a photo course so I put a mat on the grass so I could lay down. After my pics, I put the kids on the mat, tickled them with one hand while snapping away with the other :)

Love these pics of my (usually very serious) Kendra :)

May 02, 2012

We start them young around here

They really do like to clean. If they spill something and I tell that child to clean it up, the other one cries because he/ she also wants to clean :)