February 29, 2012

Bits of babyness


Connor do it himself

I thought he'd need help with his shoes but he really could do them himself!

February 28, 2012

February 27, 2012

February 25, 2012

Gillooly's Farm

These pics were taken at Gillooly's mostly with my zoom lens. This was our fun family thing for February.

The last time we were here with the babies they were 7 months old and we were literally here for about 10 minutes because it was too windy.

February 21, 2012

Twins Talkfest

Last year Connor's leg got stuck in the revolving door at church.

At the time he ran off, unconcerned, and I thought it was only me who was affected.


Our rule is they need to walk to the church building holding one of our hands.

I usually hold Connor's hand and the past couple of months, he's been saying to me, "Mummy, 'member (remember) when Connor's foot got stuck in door?"

I cringe (visibly) and say, "yes, boy, of course I remember".

Every single week.

Kendra's now latched onto this and so they drive a wedge into my heart twice every Sunday, once when we arrive and again when we leave about how Connor's leg got stuck in the church door.

Gosh. Emotionally exhausting.


Last night D went to the movies.

The minute that gate shut I hear the wailing start.

Me What's wrong, Kendra?


Me Kendra, Daddy's gone out. He'll be back later.

Before I could even finish my sentence, I had two little ones in the study with me (about 2 minutes before my coaching appointment).

K's face was red, tears streaming down her face and of course, there was snot to accompany it.

Connor joined her just because they're cute and they do things together these days.

Me Kendra, it's okay. I'm here and Daddy will be back later.

C Mummy, 'member yesterday (everything in the past is yesterday :)) when you went to see Aunty Caren? (it was actually last Thursday)

Me Yes, Connor?

C Connor missed Mummy. Connor cried in bed.

(again with the guilt trip)

If he wasn't so cute, I'd feel bad but as it is, I just want to laugh.


Kendra's taken to imitating me, especially in the way I talk to them.

Me (to Connor) Hey, Pumpkin!

K (laughing) Hey, Pumpkin!

Me (to Kendra) Baby, you're also my pumpkin.

K No, Mummy, Kenna your little girl.


We don't correct them when they refer to themselves as Connor and Kendra because we find it cute.

Connor used to call popcorn "hopcorn" and when we said, "P P P opcorn", he'd say, "PPPP - HOPcorn!"

So we gave up.

The other day at work, our PA offered me some popcorn and I happened to tell them about Connor and the HOPcorn.

When I got home...

Me Connor, say popcorn

C Popcorn

Whoosh! Just like that, he's speaking properly.

It's very, very sad that they lose their babyness so quickly.

So we'll be leaving them to say "Mummy, Connor very very hungry" as long as they want to.

tea and a biscuit - Valentine's Day

In fact, his new thing is "Mummy, wake uuuuuup. Connor want biscuit and tea" since I made them rooibos (herbal) tea and gave them a biscuit each last week when it was a bit chilly.

I still find it cute so I've been waking up, getting them tea and a biscuit and then we all pile back into bed. I read my goals book and they drink their tea and biscuits.

(As a special treat for Valentine's, they got raspberry herbal tea :))

And one more...

The other day in the car on the way to church...

C  V says "car" (he pronounced it like the Australians speak); Connor says "car" (in a very posh British way)

D and I about killed ourselves laughing.

I seriously couldn't stop laughing.