January 07, 2012

Two and a half

One of the only drawbacks to having twins is that there is only one birthday party. But sooooo many good ideas and cute things to do.

I always knew I wanted to mark the occasion in some way (definitely with cupcakes) but I was undecided about a party or not.

Til Kendra was hospitalised.

Frankly, I thought we could all use some fun in our lives, especially me.

We invited a few friends over for a Jungle Animals Playdate.

The printables are from http://etsy.com/shop/paperglitter - OUTSTANDING value for money
half cupcakes
on the bottom layer you can see mini cupcakes which are also half size
I got the cupcake toppers attached to the toothpics the night before and Connor handed them to me, one by one
He also wanted to help with the sausage rolls
Our food table to match the colours on the printables - yellow, blue and orange
yoghurts, fruit, popcorn
welcome sign
the sausage rolls
orange juice and water. I cut the blue straws so they fit better
blue paper plates left over from their first birthday party
jungle animals banner
Natalie and Duncan
Louisa and Nicola
Reluctant Connor
Caroline's toes
Caroline, Gabriela and Alessia
Gifts from Louisa and Nicola
This was one of the best ideas I've had because the day was lovely, we get to have a summer party, there was no pressure of a "real birthday" and it was a chance to socialise with those friends who were around early in January.

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