January 31, 2012

Playing in the garden

Kendra and Connor in the garden

I took a half day from work to work through edits on my book.

During my break I had a chance to play with the kids in the garden.

Connor's pointing at the moon
I didn't have the big zoom lens on but it's in the left bottom quadrant

January 29, 2012

Little worshippers

These are such blurry pics because I don't take the big camera to church but can you see the kids worshipping? So precious!

January 21, 2012

Pillow attachment

These two drag their pillows everywhere. So when they come to sit on my bed at night while I change out of my work clothes, the pillows have to be with them.

Pretty in pink

Making the bed

So I decided to teach the kids how to make their beds.

First take everything off the bed, then pull the sheet straight, pull on the duvet, etc.

The next morning, I said, "right. let's go make your beds. The first thing we do is take everything off the bed"

And this is what happened.

January 19, 2012

Ballito holiday

signature Kendra on holiday - she kept screaming because she was "excited"
the day we arrived
Day 2
day 3 - sunset

Day 4
Day 5
Day 6

Day 7
Day 8

Day 9

he walked around uShake with this hand like this the whole day - burnt on a hot brush
the shoes of the holiday - Connor was in love with all things brown and flip flop

watching the dolphins - that's my kiss print on her cheek :)
Day 10

Nice surprise when I got home - two of my pieces are in this book
Things we did well
Booked a place RIGHT on the beach so we could have lots of walks and NO sand in the car!

Actual dates 9 - 19th Jan