November 26, 2011

Babies' first pantomime - Cinderella

The company I work for books out two full shows of the pantomime every year as our family day event.

We also had a date with friends of ours that was set up in JULY and this was the same Saturday as the panto.

I would have skipped the panto (crowds are not my thing :)) but D really, really loves the panto so I put my name down for tickets hoping that somehow things would all work out.

Closer to the time I had a brilliant idea.

We'd go to the first half of the show until intermission .... and then shoot through to Pretoria.

So that's exactly what we did.

D prepped the babies for a few days beforehand telling them there'll be lights and music and lots of people singing and dancing and loud sounds.

Kendra told him, "NO loud music" :) She really doesn't like loud music.

This year's show is Cinderella - they have no idea who Cinderella is. They actually have no idea who any famous characters are which is exactly how I like it.

So this week we quickly told them the story and today at the panto we discovered that they are now obsessed with the ugly stepsisters. I actually don't like talk of ugly!!!!

We were seated right at the back (thank goodness) because when the children got antsy, we were only disturbing the family in front of us.

They were entranced by the lights mainly and the ugly stepsisters who were "naughty because they smacked Cinderella and told her no she couldn't come to the party (Prince Charming's ball)".

All in all, not too bad an experience.

I expected it to be much worse and thought we'd have to leave after 20 minutes but we only had one time-out (yes, we took the offender outside the theatre for time-out) and then a well-behaved child.

We each got snack packs with far too much food. I only gave the kids one packet of mini cheddars and half a 125 ml fruit juice between the two of them.

The babies also each received a beautiful Cinderella book.

D's efforts to contain them
during intermission

This was what all the fuss and bother at the window was about - beautiful!

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