October 22, 2011

Guess which twin this is?

Every night before I go to bed I check on the babies and re-tuck them in.

One child goes, "mmmm," and nestles in and the other starts fussing in their sleep and pushes away the blankets.

Makes me smile every night.

Can you guess which behaviour belongs to C and K?

I'll come back to tell you :)

October 02, 2011

At least they know their Bible characters

Ages ago we went to our favourite Christian bookshop and bought some books for the babies (this may have even been while they were still in utero).
There is Jonah, Noah, David and Daniel.
The kids LOVE these books. Seriously love it.
At the time I bought more than one copy and gave them away as gifts to some other kids.
Hopefully they love them too.
They can tell you the stories from these four books (especially Connor) in very unique ways.
e.g. Jonah was "naughty" because he said no to God (but Connor is a VERY good boy). He also fixates on Jonah's sandals that went tumbling into the sea and into the belly of the whale.
And when he lands on dry land again, his sandals have seaweed on them.
Things I never even noticed.
Today we were back in our favourite bookshop (the one at The Square is the best in the country, in my opinion and I happily spend hundreds of rands every time we go) and we found a similar book, not the same series, but Joseph and his brothers.
I asked Connor who the boy on the cover was, forgetting that Joseph is not one of those other four books.
To many of the other customers' amusement, he shouted David! Then Daniel! He knew it wasn't Noah (no big white beard) but tried Jonah too.
Too cute!
So tonight we promised them that after baths Dion would read Joseph and his brothers to them.
Connor was fascinated because Joseph's brothers sold him into slavery and I have no doubt that he'll be mulling this story over for the next couple of weeks.
I had to step in and tell him sometimes life isn't fair and even if you do the right thing, things still don't work out well for you. But in the end if you're faithful, God will see you through.
Oy! Who knew I'd be talking life lessons to a two-year-old?!