September 23, 2011

Conversations in the car

We were travelling back from a birthday party and just happened to be stuck in 5 pm Jhb traffic just outside the Rosebank Gautrain Station.

Connor (shouting) Mummy! DRIVE! (hates that we have to wait at stop streets and traffic lights)

Me Connor, I can't drive yet. These are the rules of the road.

Connor (thinking I'm talking about our house rules) Please, Mummy, drive. (in a nice, pleasant, non-screamy voice)

Me Aaawww, you're asking me so nicely, Boy, but I'm afraid I still can't go (we were jammed in by buses, cars, etc - all in a day's driving in Jhb)

Kendra (with huge excitement) We're STUCK

V and I laughed!

Me Yes, baby, we're stuck!