July 24, 2011

Baby hands and feet

Kendra still doesn't like having her picture taken BUT she doesn't mind me taking pics of her hands, feet, clothes, etc.

I think I have about 6 pics of her knees on this particular day - she kept saying, "take photos of knees!"

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July 14, 2011

Kendra doesn't like photos anymore

When I switch my camera on, it makes a noise.

Kendra knows that noise very well and doesn't like it so she does this so I can't see her.

and some more pics taken in the Wimpy

July 11, 2011

Connor's shennanigans while V baths Kendra


stripping off pj's

the cot is totally empty

"milk! milk!"


and more jumping...

and some more stripping

until I remind him of the rule (well, one of them anyway).

"if you take off your pyjamas, you go in your sleepsack" :)

July 10, 2011


Any of you who know me in real life know how much I love apples, especially Granny Smith apples.

So I always have an apple in my bag, sometimes two, like this day when the two of them conspired to take my apples and eat them.

Yummy, sour goodness.

blurry pic but I love the way Kendra's laughing

July 06, 2011

Last pics as one-year-olds

A few days before the babies turned two, I realised that I needed to start taking their last pics as one-year-olds.

See, I knew there was no way I could wait for the day before and quickly take a pic. Not with these two busybodies.

This was night one...notice all the blur

and this was night two.... less blur solely because there was milk involved

and out of those 30 pics, I got these that were acceptable and non-blurry.

Hugs and bed-time bottles!