June 14, 2011

Talk Talk

Well, last night I left both babies in Kendra's cot (to contain them during bedtime bottles) and when I walked back in, Kendra was sucking Connor’s dummy.

So I said, "Kendra, what are you doing with Connor’s dummy?”

“Sucking!” she tells me!


We'd been practising saying "happy birthday" so that we could phone Dion's mother last week and let them wish her.

That was very successful.

So yesterday Dion told Kendra that it would soon be her birthday and granny would phone her to also say Happy Birthday.

And then Granny will say Happy Birthday to Connor too.

Kendra freaked out!

"No, No, Connor!"

It's going to be an interesting birthday party...

(this "no Connor" thing is very, very cute but is getting very, very old quickly)


And then also yesterday....

Connor says to Dion, "Daddy, where's Mummy gone?"

4 words!

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