June 09, 2011

Milk lady

Last night when I got home, the house was eerily silent (very unusual) so I went to investigate just as I was (cap, gloves and coat).

Turns out they were all in their bedroom with the door closed to keep the heat in.

Anyway, after some chit-chat, Connor tells me he wants milk.

He thinks I'm the milk lady.

So I said, "okay baby, I need to take off my gloves and coat and then I'll go get your milk".

Took him out of his cot and off I went to the entrance way to hang up my coat.

Connor must have thought I was going to the kitchen because he goes, "Mummy! Where going?"


I said, "Connor! What did you say?"

And he repeated it.

So cute!

His longest sentence before this (that makes an appearance at holidays and then disappears again) was, "Daddy! Go car!"

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