June 14, 2011

Talk Talk

Well, last night I left both babies in Kendra's cot (to contain them during bedtime bottles) and when I walked back in, Kendra was sucking Connor’s dummy.

So I said, "Kendra, what are you doing with Connor’s dummy?”

“Sucking!” she tells me!


We'd been practising saying "happy birthday" so that we could phone Dion's mother last week and let them wish her.

That was very successful.

So yesterday Dion told Kendra that it would soon be her birthday and granny would phone her to also say Happy Birthday.

And then Granny will say Happy Birthday to Connor too.

Kendra freaked out!

"No, No, Connor!"

It's going to be an interesting birthday party...

(this "no Connor" thing is very, very cute but is getting very, very old quickly)


And then also yesterday....

Connor says to Dion, "Daddy, where's Mummy gone?"

4 words!

June 09, 2011

Milk lady

Last night when I got home, the house was eerily silent (very unusual) so I went to investigate just as I was (cap, gloves and coat).

Turns out they were all in their bedroom with the door closed to keep the heat in.

Anyway, after some chit-chat, Connor tells me he wants milk.

He thinks I'm the milk lady.

So I said, "okay baby, I need to take off my gloves and coat and then I'll go get your milk".

Took him out of his cot and off I went to the entrance way to hang up my coat.

Connor must have thought I was going to the kitchen because he goes, "Mummy! Where going?"


I said, "Connor! What did you say?"

And he repeated it.

So cute!

His longest sentence before this (that makes an appearance at holidays and then disappears again) was, "Daddy! Go car!"

June 07, 2011

The babies are 23 months old

This morning I taught Kendra to say Gaby and I showed her pics of Shelley's baby on my phone.

We then phoned so she could talk to Shelley and I could get dressed :) Of course I made her say Gaby a number of times too.

Tonight when I got home, Kendra says to me, "where baby Gaby?"and Nanny V then told me she'd been asking the whole day.


Connor runs to me in the kitchen this evening and cries, tells me "UP" and "HURT" and since he was pointing to my bedroom, we headed that way only to see my bedside lamp on the floor.

That's what hurt him. He was messing around with the lights again and it fell on him!

They're 23 months old today!

June 01, 2011

Bye, Sweetie

This morning Dion said "bye" to Kendra.

She answered him and said, "bye, Sweetie" LOL

Dion then asked her, "does Mummy call you Sweetie?"

Kendra, "Mmm, mmm"

Oh the cuteness!

Connor's new favourite thing is to get on my bed and watch TV with me. Notice the car in his hand. Outside the frame of the pic was his beloved teddy, Friday.

BTW is there anything cuter than a child in pj's?

Kendra sleeping in the car - she sleeps anywhere

She loves her daddy

Connor does this when he's tired of the photos :)