April 20, 2011


When Connor first started intentionally calling for me instead of just the babbling, he said Mama, Mammy, Mimi, and then Mama for the longest time.

I joked that he was an Irish boy when he called me Mammy :)

My best was Mama and I loved it because I thought it was the cutest thing ever.

Babyish but yet not.

I should have learned this lesson already but sadly, I didn't.

On exactly 1 April, I got home from work and suddenly he was saying Mummy beautifully.

I said to V, "when did this happen?"

She said, "today he suddenly started saying Mummy".

They talk about us when we're not at home - "where's Mummy?" and so on.

I thought he'd revert back and forth for a couple of days, maybe even a week, but no.

Perfectly saying Mummy with not a lapse, even in his sleepy states.

My babies are growing up.

PS Kendra was saying Mummy for months before. She had a few days of Mommy/ Mummy but quickly settled on Mummy.

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