May 17, 2011

It's like Christmas around here

We've tried before to transition the kids to one nap in the day and they were just not keen.

So we left them to their own devices and they'd end up sleeping once in the morning for about 45 mins (Kendra) and 1 hr 15 or so (Connor).

We try to put them down in the afternoon too and that works about 4 or 5 days out of 7 but they only ever take a 45-minute nap.

A very welcome nap because by that time on the weekend we're knackered.

But then on Sunday, totally by chance, we put them down for their first and only nap of the day just after 12.

Connor slept 3 hours 30 and Kendra slept 3 hrs.


I organised my wardrobe, tidied the bedroom, cooked, did computer stuff (blogged), tidied the study and only two hours had passed.

By that time Dion woke (he decided to take a nap too) and I asked him to check on the babies to make sure they were still breathing.

Anything beyond 1 hr 45 minutes is a miracle around here.

The best thing was Connor woke at 3:40 and still went to bed properly at 6pm.

Today when I got home V told me that Kendra slept for 2 hours and Connor slept for 2 hours 30 today.

She was also worried and even vacuumed to see if they'd wake but they didn't.

I said to her, "V, did it feel like Christmas?"

She laughed.

It really is like Christmas to have a long, uninterrupted time to get things done.

Here's hoping they continue with this pattern for many many more days.

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Julia said...

hahaha...I think you may have spoken (or blogged) too soon....