May 07, 2011

In which I screamed like a girl

On Friday I got home from work a tiny bit earlier than normal and the kids hadn't started their bath time routine yet.

They love running around like wild children outside and it really is very hard to resist letting Connor not go outside.

He is in HEAVEN outside no matter what he's doing.

So I let them run up and down the driveway, pick up the odd stone, piece of weed peeking through the bricked driveway, etc.

I saw Kendra picking up what looked like a small stone.

Until I looked more closely.

it was a dark brown worm curled up very prettily in the palm of her little hand.

I didn't even think but SCREAMED (like the horror movies) and flicked the worm off her hand.

(picture the movies where things move in slow motion - yes, that was the worm spiralling through the air)

Kendra had SUCH a fright and started screaming and crying too.

She normally screams like a banshee so just picture the two of us screaming together.

Connor then saw this happening and he started WAILING.

Poor children.

I had to quickly assess the situation.

Kendra seemed more traumatised so I picked her up and tried to comfort her while bending down and patting Connor's back.

By this time V ran outside and I had to ask her to pick Connor up to console him too.

It took a good 5 minutes to calm them down, which is LONG in toddler time.

And so ended a beautiful Friday of playing outside in the sunshine.

P.S. Ugh - my skin is still crawling at the thought of that worm.

PS I'm trying to make more of an attempt to just write on this blog. Even imperfectly. I've found that when I say I need to download and post pics first, things take way too long to get noted down and I forget the little things (like this post).

I can always go back and add pics at a later date but my memory is not there for the words unless I get them down.

I'm also going to get Dion to write more :)


Julia said...

I had such a good laugh at this post now. Poor babies. Poor Mommy!
And the pictures thing kills my enthusiasm every single time. That's why I don't do it. It takes long and just generally annoys me. I also have a Mommy blog which I haven't been updating because I simply don't have the time. Must write some kid stuff again.

Jenty said...

LOL!! Sounds familiar... I don't flinch anymore in case I project my feelings onto my kids