April 02, 2011

This is a boy who has no problem sharing

Over the last couple of months, Connor has showed us so many times that he likes to share.

A couple of things come to mind:

1. They were sick the second week of March and when I took them to the doctor we had to wait while she finished up with another patient.

Kendra went to sit at a table and Connor headed to the toy box.

He picked up a toy and first brought it to Kendra, and then went back to get something else to play with.

So sweet!

2. At home we leave their water bottles (have to start them early) on the corner of the kitchen table.

I often find Connor taking both bottles because he goes to give Kendra's one to her first before drinking from his one.

Very cute and considerate.

3. They have a bottle of milk before prayers and bedtime at night.

I usually get the bottles ready a bit earlier and leave them on the corner of the kitchen counter.

Last night Kendra told me she wanted her milk and so I asked her if she was ready for bed.

We have a rule that they're not allowed to run around the house with their milk bottles because 1) I hate the idea of big kids running around with bottles and 2) I don't want that milk spilling on my new-ish carpets (now two years old).

The kids know this and know that if they want their milk, no more running around - they have to go to bed.

So Kendra said no, she was not ready for bed and carried on running around (they literally RUN around the house).

I moved the bottles to the top of the change mat in their bedroom because that switch is sudden - one minute they're playing happily and the next minute they want their bottles NOW and start wailing if I'm seconds too slow for their liking.

Connor says, "now-now" like a good South African boy. (now-now is South African slang for now).

I busied myself with something else in the bedroom for literally seconds and the next thing I see Connor whizzing by, clutching two bottles, both his and Kendra's.

He hands it to her where she was standing right outside the bedroom and they both take off running down our open plan entrance-way/ sunroom, laughing like crazy kids, almost as if they were in cahoots.

It was so cute I also started laughing and so much so that I couldn't even chase them to catch them.

Funny kids but even in the naughtiness, there's the sharing.

4. Here's a collage where Connor took the packet of bread off the table and shared with Kendra. See how he's feeding her in two of the pics. Naughty but cute.

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