April 06, 2011

How to make a handbag - for the sewing challenged

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love handbags.

Kendra is already the same.

She loves dragging my handbag around (I only sometimes let her) but basically any bag is fair game.

When I exit my bedroom in the mornings ready to go to work, I have my handbag over my shoulder so they know when they see the handbag, it's time to say "bye".

So if they find any handbag around, they pick it up and start saying, "bye". We then ask if they're going to work and they nod while they walk off.

When I recently cut a pair of their jeans into shorts, I was about to toss the ends into the bin when I thought, "hmmm".

This is what happened:

and here is Kendra modeling her bag. As you can see, she wouldn't even take it off her arm to build her puzzle.

P.S. She keeps that cap on as much as she can. She absolutely LOVES it and even wants to nap with it.

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