March 07, 2011

20 months of Connor

I haven't done any of these posts in a while and want to get some of the detail down before I forget.

Funny thing, our memories, I have a better-than-average memory, especially for details and I couldn't for the life of me remember when they transitioned to two bottles a day when recently asked by a fellow mom. Another asked me when we started feeding them protein and the only way I knew it was 7 months was because Connor had started waking up a lot after sleeping a bit better.


Connor is on the go, permanently. He runs around the house (away from us!) and if he tastes freedom, he's off.

Often when I get home from work, he squeezes his body past me and tries to make a run for it. I let him run around in the driveway 90% of the time because it is such fun to see his pure joy.

For the most part he is uncomplicated

He has pressed the panic button 3 times in the last couple of months and we have had ADT out twice. The third time I was quick enough and managed to answer my phone and tell them that it was just a mistake.

ps old post found in drafts!

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