December 16, 2010

17 months of Connor


  1. Also getting VERY tall. When he's all stretched out in his cot at night, he looks about 3. One morning I went into their room and he suddenly looked like a big boy. I love them learning new things but I do want to keep them this cute stage forever.
  2. He mainly wears 12 - 18 months on top and still wears some 6 - 12 months pants because he's gotten THIN. At 15 months he'd lost 160 g from his 12 months appointment and he's slimmed down even more because he's so active. It is very sad that he's starting to lose his babyness. At least he still has the gorgeous baby arms and hands.
  3. Still in Pampers 4+. No problems with his nappies leaking.
  4. Also not walking unaided much. But he is brave and fearless and LOVES to walk while holding onto a finger. He will come to us over and over (poor thing) but his favourite thing is walking to Daddy. He squeals with delight when Dion grabs him and they laugh and have a good old time. I'm getting a little jealous because in the last few days, Daddy is Connor's favourite person on the planet. Everything is "Daddy, Daddy" and when I call him D, Connor and Kendra both repeat "D". Again, very cute.
  5. Connor's words - Daddy, Mummy (again, I never hear him but I have to trust D and Viola), Nenna (for Kendra), no no no no no (our boy has very firm boundaries - Connor, can Kendra play with ______ now? NO NO NO NO NO. Okay then!), go go go (ALLLLLLL the time, he goes to the pram and says go go go, that means, "it's time for our walk" or in the mornings from his cot "go go go " which means "dress me, it's time to play"), tweet-tweet, quack-quack, there, star, mole, car, door, hello, bub-bye (he loves saying bub-bye - it is so sweet in the mornings). They love "there" - they get it from me because I'll pick them up out of the cot/ high chair/ car seat, etc. and put them down and say, "there" and now they started doing it too. 14 words!
  6. He loves the outside - the MINUTE I open the back door in the mornings he stands at the security gate and looks for birds, aeroplanes, etc. I must admit it's a trick I do when they start throwing a tantrum. I say, "shhh, can you hear the birds? Listen." They're forced to be quiet and listen and sometimes the birds even oblige and tweet-tweet.
  7. This boy's love language is quality time! We don't have to do anything specific with him - he plays next to me on the bed or in the study and is happy as a clam. He's been fussing trying to go to bed for a few nights and one night last week when I took him from his cot, we went to the lounge and just sat and chatted for a bit (5 mins) and then when I said, "okay, baby, time to go to bed now" he went to bed without a murmur.

Both babies
They have lots of teeth too - 4 on top, 4 on bottom, 4 molars are out for each baby but not the incisors?

Sleeping is still good (I'm almost scared to write that) but with summer here and it getting lighter earlier, they've been waking closer to the 5:30 mark than the 6:00 one. Then again, we are just so happy about them sleeping we don't CARE!

They are getting very independent with the eating. They'll have some food with us feeding and then they insist on feeding themselves.

On Sunday they had bread with peanut butter for supper followed by carrots for dessert (I'm not joking - our kids pop carrots like sweets! We go through 1 kg of carrots a week, just for them - see what happens when they learn the word "more" :)). They ate about half as finger food and then started fussing. I had a brainwave and cut the bread into tiny bits and used plastic baby forks to spear them. They LOVED it and happily ate the rest like that. I'm being kept on my toes!

Hmmm, I thought Connor only had about 3 words and now I see he's on track for his 18 months appt as Dr S said 5 - 10 words by 18 months is average. As you can see, Kendra is a big old chatterbox.

If you have any questions, leave a comment and I'll answer in the comments too.

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