December 09, 2010

17 months - Kendra

As their doctor says, "ladies first", so we'll do Kendra's update first.
  1. has gotten really tall in the last couple of weeks, so much so that her jeans are now above her ankles :)
  2. Still wearing 6 - 12 month clothes but is finally in size 2 shoes.
  3. Wearing Huggies 4. When this bag is finished though, I'm going to try Pampers 4
  4. Her hair is also growing and looks crazy most of the time because the minute we brush it she takes her hands and messes up the hair. She calls it brushing her hair. Although we've tried to do teeny-tiny little ponytails and those stayed in for about 10 minutes on Saturday, so we're getting there. 10 seconds to 10 minutes is a huge jump.
  5. Not walking unaided yet. I wondered how to judge what proper walking was until I saw a video on a fellow twim mom's blog and thought, "aaah, now that's walking". She will still take 5 steps towards us but is very scared to go it alone if one of us is not there. Poor thing. Maybe it's just her personality?
  6. Says the following words - Daddy, there, (they tell me) Mummy (I've never heard it), Connor (nono), hello (to everyone in the street when we go for walks), bye-bye, no no no (!), go go go (this is from me - I say "let's go, let's go, let's go" then she says go go go :), down, light, ball, door, toes, shoes, knee, bag, cat, tweet-tweet, quack-quack, tor-tor (tortoise), more, car, star, hair, shhhh (when Connor's sleeping - I first said to her "shhh, Connor's sleeping" and now she shushes us if anyone's sleeping), mole, thank you (very rarely) and then others that only we know she's saying those words - elbow, balloon, belly button (all sounds like bo-bo but the intonation is different and she points so you know what she's saying). She also says "good girl". 31 words!

  7. She is very affectionate and I love it. Wants kisses ALL the time and gives everybody (incl all the stuffed animals) hugs all the time. She hugs my leg while I'm talking to Dion or Nanny V, and then if I start patting her back, she pats my leg. Very cute.
  8. Oh, and she can sing "baa baa black sheep" - it's all baa baa baa baa, but the music is correct :) I just say, "Kendra, sing" and off she goes.
  9. We think her love language is words of affirmation because she LOVES it (beams) when we say, "good girl" (and of course, repeats it) or "clever girl". Too sweet!
  10. Loves, loves, LOVES her Daddy.


Jenty said...

Awesome post :)) her vocab is quite impressive actually!

claire said...

lol, what a lovely update!!! All little girls love their daddy more than the world, I always said it was because they instinctively copy their mothers, who of course put everyone before themselves, so little girls put daddy and self before mummy!!!