October 30, 2010

Outtakes and then a professional's pic

after our photo shoot, D took a few quick pics of me with the babies.

I love these, not because of the quality but because it's real - "baby wrangling" at its best.

and then... this is why it's worth it to get a professional to take some pics.

October 26, 2010

Organising medication for twin babies

When you leave the pharmacy with a bag full of medication, this is the only way to keep it all straight for the 3 caregivers.

I do this every time and it works a treat :)

First time they got antibiotics!

October 06, 2010

The party post, only 3 months late ;)

Ideas and theme

We decided on a polka dot party so had round foods, round sweets, etc.

Very easy to do once you get focussed - suddenly you see round food everywhere.

Kendra wore a top with polka dots; I couldn't find anything for Connor so he went plain. I thought of putting some stickers on his top but thought better of it as everything goes in the mouth and I didn't feel like fishing stickers out of his mouth the whole afternoon.

I had very definite "ideas" about some things - I wanted a banner, balloons, two cakes and two songs (you know I have issues with "twins" - they are individuals and all that jazz...) - I didn't give two hoots about the rest.

And that's where the crazy started - I wanted to be the one to do their cakes.

Preparation and setting up

Well, time kind of ran out because of work and such. My friend at work, Michelle, asked me on the Thursday before the party if I was "all prepared".

I laughed because I was soooo not prepared. So much so that I seriously contemplated moving the party to another venue other than my house.

I wanted to buy cakes but D said it's got to "look homemade" and since none of the cakes at the home industry shop excited me, I was forced to bake the cakes.

Here's my kitchen (I have zero counter space) during the prep. I will be so, so glad when all these bottles disappear for good and I can reclaim my kitchen counter for food!
Don't you love my red kettle? I seriously love it. I bought it to cheer myself up one day last year when I was feeling down and it makes me smile whenever I see it.

I cheated and did microwave cakes so it took about 10 minutes in total (my kind of baking) and I spread caramel all around and did K and C in Smarties.
Dion wanted homemade; they certainly looked homemade :)

View from kitchen end through the house to the sunroom - the babies race all the way down that lovely expanse of carpet. Drinks, etc. and the table has the sweet stuff (savoury stuff was outside)

We have a beautiful (new) carpet, thanks to my geyser bursting last year when I was 6 weeks pregnant and we were on holiday. Only thing is the carpet leaves its natural fibres all over the babies' clothes. And now that it's summer, scratches their skin.

I have thrown out tracksuit pants and other clothes because of those fibres attaching to the clothes.

Front of house with the banner and balloons. Still my favourite part of it all (I am so easy to please).

Chairs, etc. and on the left, the babies' new swing and slide set
View from the other side - you can just spot the table with food near the kitchen door. And of course, baby laundry on the line. I still think baby laundry is cute.

my sister in law's cupcakes, ready to be iced and decorated

Inside table, half ready. The round green bucket has the polka dot party packs.

My plan was for people to help themselves to ALL the sweet things I had inside after we did the babies' cakes but next thing you know, a plate of cupcakes was whipped outside.

People obviously helped themselves but not to ALL the sweet things I'd so lovingly baked/ prepared inside. Understandable - why should people go 10 steps into the house when there was sweet stuff right there.

I was left with HEAPS of food afterwards despite piling some on the guests and V.
Also, then I didn't put out the tea/ coffee properly and that whole bit felt very disorganised to me.

Granted, my friends just got on with it and helped themselves around my kitchen (I love when people do that, seriously!).


D said Kendra has to wear a dress so dress it was. This is a dress my mother sent her...she looks a bit unsure because she doesn't usually wear dresses.

As for Connor, jeans and T-shirt so he was right at home.

Giving me a hug

This boy is the best hugger ever. It's SO lovely when I get home from work and I get long hugs. Kendra bounds up, gives me quick hugs and then she "tells" me she wants down and she's OFF.

That's D's sister in the background

this boy LOVES being outside - it's his favourite thing after water, with lights being a strong 3rd :)
If I just open the door to take the rubbish out, his eyes get this glint and he races toward the door
Trying to take some family pics

Kendra saying hello

And they're OFF. Enough of this photo business - there's GRASS and STONES and LEAVES!

Opening our presents
as you can see, we're well on our way to a simpler life

Party guests
Kendra looking at my friend, C, with her gorgeous girls

Connor looking guilty after pulling off my tablecloth weights

D with the kids

Our friends, B & M, with their girls

Our friend, Carmen and Erin, who said I was "creative and organized" and is therefore my BFF :)

BIL and D's sister

D's mom with daughter and SIL

D bringing C's cake

I'm holding down K's hands so she can't reach for the candle

Connor attacking the cake

Nanny V with Connor and Ethan

Next time
I'm going to do things a little differently - I'm still thinking about what feels right for us.

But I'm leaning towards a park somewhere where ALL the kids can run wild and I don't have to worry about them, a lot less food and more people since I've now figured that people come in stages. Oh, and definitely a professional photographer so I can be sure of good pics and I don't have to be the one to make sure everything is recorded.

Any other tips that have worked for you?