August 22, 2010

Baby dedication doubling up as 11-month pics

Life is too short to upload a million and one pics using a touchpad on a laptop, so here's my newest inventions - the collage :)

These were taken on Sunday 6 June when they were dedicated.

and these were taken the next morning when I gave them some of their gifts.

These lovely teddy bears are from Kobus and Bernie and Kendra's eating her Bible from her gran.

Doesn't this boy look sweet in his cot? Oh, there's nothing better than a lovely clean baby all ready for bed.

By the way, I dress them in pastels purposely so they can look like babies for as long as possible :)

P.S. These are also their 11-month pics - definitely no keeping them still as they could both move super fast then.

P.P.S. They're actually 13 1/2 months now.

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