June 17, 2010

Evelynn's first birthday party

We went to a birthday party on Saturday last week.

We'd been saying to Tim and Elma that we should get together and somehow, we never managed it.

So when they invited my two to their baby's birthday party, I thought, "excellent!"

Well, we pitched up (late - we got lost) and there's a note on the intecom saying to send a missed call to their cell phone (because they're deaf).

After waiting and trying for 5 minutes, I had the bright idea to ring a neighbour's unit and the nice young man let me in.

They were so surprised and pleased to see us - they thought we weren't coming.

We'd agreed on FB that she'd make sure one of their family would "look after us" because we can't sign (only no, sleep and milk :)) and they did.

Their house is rigged so everytime the baby monitor goes off, a light goes on in the living area. Cool!

The party was so lovely, both sets of family was friendly, their baby is gorgeous, happy, friendly and content, and we all praised Vitalab because without them, none of us would have these babies.

they loved this plastic thing with the balls (I need to get some of these balls)
a smile for her brother

"this is mine and you're not taking it"

one of the other kids trying to escape (is it wrong how much I love that they can't?!) and an aerial view of my babies' heads
I think I'm laughing with Connor while Kendra tries to escape
"no such luck, missy" (I noticed I keep calling her "missy" - what's with that?!)

My kids loved all the people (I think they're getting more sociable), Kendra especially, and we didn't even have to look after them very much because everybody else wanted to hold them or play with them.

look how tall she's getting!
(she doesn't even weigh enough to properly fit 3 - 6 months but those long legs mean I have to buy 6 - 12 months)
P.S. The pics give you a guess as to what we've decided on their bday party theme. Can you guess?

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