May 10, 2010

9 months

This post is a whole month late!

She is now done. So off she goes.

Last month D and I took the kids for their 9-month check-up.

We didn't realise how much they'd grown until we got there and the receptionists are all, "they are SO BIG", etc, etc.

I realised that it had been 3 months since the last doctor's visit.

The last time each of us had a baby in our arms because I can't stand the schlep of lugging a pram around for a few minutes - much easier to just grab a baby.

Also, much more fun to hold a warm, sweet-smelling baby. Even though they wriggle.

This time, D held Connor and I let Kendra loose so she crawled up and down the reception area. She was so fascinated with her reflection in the very clean floor tiles (much cleaner than my own kitchen, then again, it's a hospital).

We always do Kendra first (ladies first...) and once she'd been assessed, I let her loose again to crawl around to her heart's content. She loved it and it was great to be able to concentrate on Connor's assessment without a screaming, wriggly girl in my arms.

Apparently Dr S's office is full of interesting things to look at like door stoppers!

I really only had two things on my list - what a difference to my usual pages of notes (and I'm not even joking - aren't I fun?) - Connor's food strike and why is Kendra waking before 12?

We ran into my friend M at church the next weekend. She told us that her daughter (who is 6 hours older than my two) had to have an MRI and when they had to sedate her, something weird happened with her lungs so the procedure was cancelled until they figure out what's going on.

I am so blessed to have healthy children.

Anyway, the point of all that? I said to D afterwards that Dr S must be thinking about me, "there are people with REAL issues and you're talking to me about a FOOD STRIKE?" as M also sees Dr S.

The very kind Dr S kept a straight face about the food strike and basically said that they go through all that and just to keep trying things. No great shakes.

About Kendra? "It's not that bad, is it?" about her waking before 12 at night.

And... actually it's not.

I again reminded him that ALL MY FRIENDS' KIDS are sleeping through and he said straight out, "people lie" and to stop concerning myself with all that.

About milestones and the things I'm actually NOT concerned about (strangely), C is a bit behind on his actual age which is not a problem as they were two months' prem.

K is ahead and will definitely be walking before a year.

He did tell us about some exercises to do with Connor to encourage him to start crawling - I think we did them one day and then Connor started the rocking. I don't know if it worked because his personality is such that when he's ready, he just DOES.

Next appointment is at 1 year. 1 YEAR! Goodness, that's scary.

It means I have to make a decision about whether to have a party or not. I am not a fan of a messy house so it fills me with dread.

Here are the stats:


Weight...............................6.6 kg (still 80% of where she should be based on her birth weight)
Height................................70 cm (50th percentile for correct age!!!)
Head circumference....43.7 cm (also 50th percentile for correct age!!!)

What does that mean?

Kendra is very light but she's right where she should be on everything else. No surprise since the only time she's still is when she's eating or asleep. I wish I had her energy.


Weight...............................9.3 kg (50th percentile for correct age*)
Height................................74 cm (75th percentile for correct age)
Head circumference....43.7 cm (also 75th percentile for correct age)

*hmmm, getting a little bit tired of people saying, "but he's so big!". He is PERFECT for his actual age!

Connor is tall and has a head full of brains :)

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varunner said...

Cute pics. Sounds like they are doing great! I have boy/boy twins that just turned 10 months.