April 04, 2010


this is D feeding her; she grabbed and then smeared all over her face, things she never does with Nanny V or with me. Upside down bib is a tip from my sister, messy veggies rinse off easily

this was a few months ago - those teeth are properly out

Ooops - I totally forgot that I said I'd post on what the kids are doing these days.

  1. Figured out crawling. Originally a lot of rocking and only one or two actual forward movements of the knees. But now proper SPEED crawling up and down the entrance way/ dining room/ lounge area
  2. She's also doing lots of push-ups and has abs of steel :)
  3. Has two teeth on the bottom.
  4. She's very intense but smiles easily and laughs a lot, especially when playing with her father. Her little giggles are the sweetest things ever. I really must find a video and post it.
  5. She gets frustrated quickly (you can see she wants to MOVE MOVE MOVE) and lets us know by screaming that her legs are not doing what she wants NOW.
  6. This girl will walk well before her first birthday, of that I have no doubt. She already tries to pull herself up and has strong little legs. We are, of course, in absolutely no hurry for the walking.
  7. Her hair seems to be growing too - not wildly so - but hair nonetheless (their father's genes as I was bald until I was two)
  8. Talking up a storm now. She doesn't wake screaming very often - she'll wake and start chatting away while still in her cot (very, very cute- it's as if she's talking to the teddy bears, or a reluctant Connor).
  9. At night when we feed her, if she's decided she's had enough, she moves her head so the bottle falls out and flips over (while still in our arms). That's our signal to put her back to bed.
  10. She does the same if we put her to bed with a bottle. When she's done, she rolls over and sleeps. Lovely!
  11. She can hold her own bottle! She clutches it like it's a matter of life or death - very intense is our Kendra.
  12. Has also discovered her toes but not too keen on them - prefers to be on her tummy, crawling or doing push-ups.
  13. It's impossible to change her nappy or clothes without a struggle. The minute she's placed on her back she's OFF - I've taken to giving her a bath toy (as they only see these for about 5 minutes a day so they're a novelty) so I can change her in peace.
  14. Eats beautifully. These days she eats better than Connor. She's so cute with her little mouth opening and closing. She definitely prefers the fruit and plain yoghurt but eats the veggies and cereal equally well.
  15. Has bitten her brother on the foot!
  16. She is very girly - delicate-looking (but can hold her own) and dainty, and already has good fine motor skills. Either that or she wants my earrings and necklace :)

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