April 04, 2010


see the scratch on his nose

  1. Connor finally "twigged" (do you say twigged where you live?) that rolling means he can move and he is now rolling up a storm - front to back, back to front, every which way.
  2. Not in the slightest bit interested in crawling; instead he's working on the sitting. Every day he seems to sit better - I can leave him without support longer and longer.
  3. He's been able to hold his own bottle for ages but is really only motivated to do so when either I'm too slow and he's starving (like when he's slept past his feed time) or during the day when he's all pleasant and charming. At night he's lazy - he literally lays with his arms down at his side and wants us to hold his bottle.
  4. He still has his two teeth (although I felt a third on the top - it's not properly out yet) and loves biting any fingers he can find, except his own. His toes are fair game though.
  5. He suddenly went off his veggies - I think he got bored because he still ate the fruit, yoghurt and cereal - but the MINUTE I introduced Annabel Karmel he was into his food all again. I reduced the portions a bit since we now eat protein and that has helped. We also take whatever food he doesn't finish and mix it into his cereal which he then polishes off. He LOVES his cereal.
  6. Connor is still a lovely, laidback, happy baby 95% of the time; the rest of the time he can get quite grumpy, just like his father! He so loves hugging and snuggling - oh, it's LOVELY. Sometimes I don't want to put him down.
  7. He now stretches his awake time to the two-hour mark. We are still highly vigilant because we don't like to see Crazy Connor when he gets overtired.
  8. At night he wakes crying (for a bottle I think) but during the day he wakes, amuses himself for a bit (rolling around his cot and playing with the stuffed animals) and only when he's eventually bored or hungry, cries for us.
  9. After any night feeds, he falls asleep immediately. I don't do any patting, shh-ing, rocking, nothing!
  10. Connor seems to be more into Kendra than she is into him.
  11. He loves being outside. I've started putting him in the walker just inside the open kitchen door after feeding him. He loves looking at the trees, grass, leaves. But the best is when he and D go sit at the pool - they're exactly the same - very laid-back so they sit in silence for 10 - 15 minutes at a time, just having quality time. It's too sweet.
  12. He is ALL BOY - which I absolutely love - eats like a boy (messy), grunts like a boy and is WILD. He also has scratches on his face all the time even though we keep his nails short.
  13. One day I sang "Wild Thing" by The Troggs to him and he laughed. So that's our song because he's my wild boy.

    To think I didn't know what I'd do with a boy! I love having one of each - they are so different!

look at my smiling baby boy - we have hours of fun talking and laughing while Kendra crawls all over us :)

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