April 23, 2010

Contained twins... a thing of the past

Kendra and Connor playing together at 9 months. Kendra had been crawling for about 6 weeks already. A few weeks later Connor started crawling and he hasn't stopped moving since.

Kendra's crawling progression

I took this video literally seconds before Kendra crawled for the first time.

She was doing this rocking motion and it looked like not much else so I switched off the camera and put it back in its case.

And then she crawled. Typical :)

and now it looks more like this...

second video taken about 6 weeks ago...(yes, I've been very lax)

April 21, 2010

The "twin" thing

My doctor first told me about how twins play nicely together and other such lies.

He has twin brothers and said his mom always said the first 3 months are the hardest and then it gets easier than single babies because they entertain one another.

Hmmm, maybe his mother was Super Woman or his brothers were Angel babies (a la Baby Whisperer) but it certainly didn’t get easier at 3 months for us.

In fact, there was a time when I was a little concerned at the babies’ total lack of interest in one another.

In the very beginning they’d literally scream if you put the other one next to them (I have pictures so I can bribe them in the future).

Then a couple of months later they’d tolerate the other. That means no actual screaming but clearly not happy.

Then they’d attack one another – K would pinch C’s chest and arms and he’d swipe his arm and knock her in the face.

They then were kind of content to play near one another as long as the other one didn’t have something they wanted. I don’t get this because I buy two of every thing. But they don't want their rattle; they want the other baby's one :)

Finally, literally on their 7-month birthday, I observed some of this “playing together”.

I placed Connor on one side of the blanket that adorns our lounge floor and Kendra on the other side. Well, he rolled over to her and they played happily (mostly) for about 40 minutes.

I couldn’t quite believe it so kept checking in on them every 5 – 10 minutes but yes, they were still playing happily.

Until Kendra bit Connor on the leg :)

So I thought that may have been a fluke but have observed similar behavior since then. He reaches out for her, they smile and laugh at each other and oh, it is SOOO sweet.

Granted, Kendra is still Kendra so she spurns him regularly but she does this with us too.

The cutest thing is when we put them in the same cot to play (while I'm assembling the extra bits for church, etc.) and they actually smile and LAUGH at each other. Too sweet.

April 04, 2010


see the scratch on his nose

  1. Connor finally "twigged" (do you say twigged where you live?) that rolling means he can move and he is now rolling up a storm - front to back, back to front, every which way.
  2. Not in the slightest bit interested in crawling; instead he's working on the sitting. Every day he seems to sit better - I can leave him without support longer and longer.
  3. He's been able to hold his own bottle for ages but is really only motivated to do so when either I'm too slow and he's starving (like when he's slept past his feed time) or during the day when he's all pleasant and charming. At night he's lazy - he literally lays with his arms down at his side and wants us to hold his bottle.
  4. He still has his two teeth (although I felt a third on the top - it's not properly out yet) and loves biting any fingers he can find, except his own. His toes are fair game though.
  5. He suddenly went off his veggies - I think he got bored because he still ate the fruit, yoghurt and cereal - but the MINUTE I introduced Annabel Karmel he was into his food all again. I reduced the portions a bit since we now eat protein and that has helped. We also take whatever food he doesn't finish and mix it into his cereal which he then polishes off. He LOVES his cereal.
  6. Connor is still a lovely, laidback, happy baby 95% of the time; the rest of the time he can get quite grumpy, just like his father! He so loves hugging and snuggling - oh, it's LOVELY. Sometimes I don't want to put him down.
  7. He now stretches his awake time to the two-hour mark. We are still highly vigilant because we don't like to see Crazy Connor when he gets overtired.
  8. At night he wakes crying (for a bottle I think) but during the day he wakes, amuses himself for a bit (rolling around his cot and playing with the stuffed animals) and only when he's eventually bored or hungry, cries for us.
  9. After any night feeds, he falls asleep immediately. I don't do any patting, shh-ing, rocking, nothing!
  10. Connor seems to be more into Kendra than she is into him.
  11. He loves being outside. I've started putting him in the walker just inside the open kitchen door after feeding him. He loves looking at the trees, grass, leaves. But the best is when he and D go sit at the pool - they're exactly the same - very laid-back so they sit in silence for 10 - 15 minutes at a time, just having quality time. It's too sweet.
  12. He is ALL BOY - which I absolutely love - eats like a boy (messy), grunts like a boy and is WILD. He also has scratches on his face all the time even though we keep his nails short.
  13. One day I sang "Wild Thing" by The Troggs to him and he laughed. So that's our song because he's my wild boy.

    To think I didn't know what I'd do with a boy! I love having one of each - they are so different!

look at my smiling baby boy - we have hours of fun talking and laughing while Kendra crawls all over us :)

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this is D feeding her; she grabbed and then smeared all over her face, things she never does with Nanny V or with me. Upside down bib is a tip from my sister, messy veggies rinse off easily

this was a few months ago - those teeth are properly out

Ooops - I totally forgot that I said I'd post on what the kids are doing these days.

  1. Figured out crawling. Originally a lot of rocking and only one or two actual forward movements of the knees. But now proper SPEED crawling up and down the entrance way/ dining room/ lounge area
  2. She's also doing lots of push-ups and has abs of steel :)
  3. Has two teeth on the bottom.
  4. She's very intense but smiles easily and laughs a lot, especially when playing with her father. Her little giggles are the sweetest things ever. I really must find a video and post it.
  5. She gets frustrated quickly (you can see she wants to MOVE MOVE MOVE) and lets us know by screaming that her legs are not doing what she wants NOW.
  6. This girl will walk well before her first birthday, of that I have no doubt. She already tries to pull herself up and has strong little legs. We are, of course, in absolutely no hurry for the walking.
  7. Her hair seems to be growing too - not wildly so - but hair nonetheless (their father's genes as I was bald until I was two)
  8. Talking up a storm now. She doesn't wake screaming very often - she'll wake and start chatting away while still in her cot (very, very cute- it's as if she's talking to the teddy bears, or a reluctant Connor).
  9. At night when we feed her, if she's decided she's had enough, she moves her head so the bottle falls out and flips over (while still in our arms). That's our signal to put her back to bed.
  10. She does the same if we put her to bed with a bottle. When she's done, she rolls over and sleeps. Lovely!
  11. She can hold her own bottle! She clutches it like it's a matter of life or death - very intense is our Kendra.
  12. Has also discovered her toes but not too keen on them - prefers to be on her tummy, crawling or doing push-ups.
  13. It's impossible to change her nappy or clothes without a struggle. The minute she's placed on her back she's OFF - I've taken to giving her a bath toy (as they only see these for about 5 minutes a day so they're a novelty) so I can change her in peace.
  14. Eats beautifully. These days she eats better than Connor. She's so cute with her little mouth opening and closing. She definitely prefers the fruit and plain yoghurt but eats the veggies and cereal equally well.
  15. Has bitten her brother on the foot!
  16. She is very girly - delicate-looking (but can hold her own) and dainty, and already has good fine motor skills. Either that or she wants my earrings and necklace :)

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