March 02, 2010

Connor - bits of his personality

Connor's healthy appetite doesn't only extend to solids; when he's hungry he LETS YOU KNOW about it until that bottle's in his mouth.

He gets that "food impatience" from Dion who also has to eat RIGHT NOW if he's hungry.


On this particular day I was changing Kendra and he had to wait. He obviously started crying like "why haven't you fed me for the last 3 days?!" so I put him in the feeding pillow, propped the bottle up and he polished it off all by himself.

This is his "I'm trying SO hard not to cry" face. It lasts for about 10 seconds and then he can't stand it anymore and cries.

Too sweet. Clearly he was not a fan of the self-portrait.

And then he LOVES to sleep. That part he gets from me. We joke and say when they're toddlers, Connor and I will take afternoon naps, Dion will watch sport and Kendra will be running around the house :)

cute feet

look how tall he's getting
While I was applying lotion after his bath, his legs looked so cute. (Everybody has certain things they find irresistible - for me, that's baby feet - I'm not ashamed to admit I have a whole folder of cute feet on my computer)

P.S. posting old pics

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