March 25, 2010

7-month stats and a video

We went to see a nurse just up the road for their 7-month stats. I could kick myself for not discovering her sooner as it's literally, right up the road and in a lovely environment, not hectic like at Dischem where I used to take them to get weighed, etc, etc.

While I was completing the form (they gave me two forms to complete but I was my usual stroppy self and told the girl to photocopy the one, staple it to the other and just change the baby's name and birthweight), Connor was flirting with one of the receptionists.

Seriously, he was smiling and even twisted his body and nearly flung himself out of my arms to keep her in his line of sight. Cute, but is this a sign of the future???

Height - 68 cm
Weight - 8.47 kg (he'd lost some weight in the two weeks since I'd weighed him, probably from all the rolling around)
Head circumference - 44.3 cm
If he was a normal 7-month-old baby, he'd be in the 50th percentiles. Using his corrected age of 5 months, he's in the 75th for height and the 95th for weight!

Height - 63 cm
Weight - 5.76 kg (she is WAY too active to actually keep any weight on because these days she eats better than Connor)
Head circumference - 42.8 cm
Kendra is on less than the 5th percentiles for both weight and height - I don't even bother to get all the detailed stats anymore as the paed said she is on her own growth chart. Sounds a bit like, "she is on her own mission" which is also true :)

Basically they're doing well and everyone is very happy with how nicely they're eating. She also checked that they're both on vitamins with iron since they're prem (yes, on ViDaylin every single day since the day they were born).

Coming up (I sound like Oprah or Dr Phil)...

Separate posts on what they're up to these days.

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