March 29, 2010

8 months

Connor crawling all over D's sister

6 months onward is THE BEST!

They somehow feel sturdier and more solid, not like I could do much wrong and break them :)

hey! get that camera out of here
Cute but still sassy

At 6 months they started getting seriously cute and it hasn't stopped. They now
  • smile ALL the time
  • go get their own toys :) as they're more mobile
  • they play together, sometimes
  • don't cry as much (this is my best - I can't stand the crying)
  • crawl all over us
  • talk to and answer us
From 6 - 7 months I have something new written on the wall calendar (which I use in place of a baby book) almost every day.

Rolling, sitting, playing with toes, grabbing spectacles, kissing my cheeks and chin with wet, slobbery goodness, crawling, teeth, etc.

I'm also seeing SO MUCH of Dion's personality in Connor it's frightening and cute, all at the same time.

But the absolute best thing ever is the independence.

My goal as a parent has always been (even when I didn't have children) to raise independent, well-adjusted kids.

I LOVE that they can hold their own bottles, that one baby can amuse him/ herself while I change the other's nappy/ clothes, etc. That they can play independently for some time (Kendra more so than Connor). That they can lay in their cots in the mornings after waking, talking and babbling to themselves without SCREAMING for us.

Look how Zen I am despite their mesh feeders being on the carpet! And my MIL's house is a cat house!!!

It's fabulous.

D and I have been talking about going on holiday. He was a bit reluctant because we're so used to having Nanny V during the week and on the occasional Saturday morning.

When I reminded him that actually, we're not so knackered on Sunday evenings anymore, we realised that it really is getting easier.

Who would have thought?!

Yes, we're still waking about 2 - 3 times at night (total) - it used to be 3 times per baby - but they go down for naps and sleep like a dream. No fighting except if overtired but we're so vigilant we haven't had more than one episode in the last month (C; K doesn't freak out when she's tired - she goes and goes and goes like a little Energiser bunny)

This really is my favourite stage so far! I know it's short-lived until they're properly mobile but for now I'm loving it.


Nanny V and I took them for their 8-month stats on Monday 8th March. I am loving Sister Carla more and more. This time the receptionist with the curly hair wasn't there so Connor didn't bother flirting with any of them.

- 70 cm
Weight - 9.09 kg
Head - 45.5 cm

Height - 66 cm
Weight - 6.28 kg
Head - 43.7 cm

In a nutshell, C grew 2 cm and 620 g and K grew 3 cm and 520 g over the last month. We're very happy with K's growth.

I asked about their feeding - C's off his veg - and also mentioned that he'd started waking before 11 most nights. She said he shouldn't and I should add protein to their supper. Also I should mix his night feeds with one less scoop than you're supposed to. Do that for a month (a MONTH!) and then reduce by another scoop.

I have no patience for these itsy-bitsy baby steps but she said that if you do it too fast, they rebel and freak out.

Too true - we tried it before. The first night was fine but the second night Connor was like, "what on earth! WHERE is the real deal? I don't want this watered-down stuff! WAAAAAHHHHHH"

Next appointment with both nurse (for vaccinations) and paed (who was in one of our magazines this month!) at 9 months.

What's your favourite stage?

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March 25, 2010

7-month stats and a video

We went to see a nurse just up the road for their 7-month stats. I could kick myself for not discovering her sooner as it's literally, right up the road and in a lovely environment, not hectic like at Dischem where I used to take them to get weighed, etc, etc.

While I was completing the form (they gave me two forms to complete but I was my usual stroppy self and told the girl to photocopy the one, staple it to the other and just change the baby's name and birthweight), Connor was flirting with one of the receptionists.

Seriously, he was smiling and even twisted his body and nearly flung himself out of my arms to keep her in his line of sight. Cute, but is this a sign of the future???

Height - 68 cm
Weight - 8.47 kg (he'd lost some weight in the two weeks since I'd weighed him, probably from all the rolling around)
Head circumference - 44.3 cm
If he was a normal 7-month-old baby, he'd be in the 50th percentiles. Using his corrected age of 5 months, he's in the 75th for height and the 95th for weight!

Height - 63 cm
Weight - 5.76 kg (she is WAY too active to actually keep any weight on because these days she eats better than Connor)
Head circumference - 42.8 cm
Kendra is on less than the 5th percentiles for both weight and height - I don't even bother to get all the detailed stats anymore as the paed said she is on her own growth chart. Sounds a bit like, "she is on her own mission" which is also true :)

Basically they're doing well and everyone is very happy with how nicely they're eating. She also checked that they're both on vitamins with iron since they're prem (yes, on ViDaylin every single day since the day they were born).

Coming up (I sound like Oprah or Dr Phil)...

Separate posts on what they're up to these days.

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March 17, 2010

6 months old

They're actually 8 months old now - yes, I am VERY behind on posting their stats

eventually, because you have unco-operative subjects, you take a pic with babies that actually sit still :)

D and I were both on leave during the first week of January and when I tried to make an appointment for the 7th, I was HORRIFIED when told that the fabulous Dr Rothberg (their paed from NICU days) had left the practice.

I then investigated further (phoned my friend, M) and found that Dr Rothberg wanted a job that didn't require her to be on call, seeing as she was about 28 weeks pregnant at the time and had a 20-month old little girl too.

Our hospital doesn't allow that - all doctors have to be on call - so she then looked for another job.

Huge sadness as we LOVE Dr Rothberg.

Anyway, lots of issues with receptionists but finally managed to get an appt for the afternoon with Dr Strachan, whose practice it is.

We arrived bang on time, armed with babies and my list of questions. I always come prepared as I'm not prepared to shell out R1000 and not get every single question answered.

Was prepared for a fight.... because of appointment-setting issues but the man was VERY nice. Very, very nice.

He even played with Kendra and Connor and really took his time checking them over.

Now here's the stuff I live for, the stats :)


Weight 5,18 kg (and is finally in Pampers 2)
Height 62,4 cm tall
Head circumference 42 cm.

Previously she was at 60% of her expected weight and this time she was at 80% of her expected weight and on the 10th percentile. Moving up her growth curve very nicely.

We were very happy. The cereal was clearly working and we started her veggies that very day. Such a minute amount as she was not a food lover like her brother.

Developmentally she was doing fine.


Weight 7,68 kg
Height 67 cm tall
Head circumference ? (D didn't write down the head circumference and I was working hard to keep Connor from crying too much.)

Don't know what on earth got into these kids - they were freaking out and screaming. And it wasn't due to the doctor as he was very gentle with them. We are far rougher with them LOL

Again, Connor is on 50-something percentile for age 6 months, and for his corrected age (4 months), is way ahead of the pack. He is a big boy. There is now a 2,5 kg difference in their weights.

Developmentally, he was at age 5 months. That's all I heard before my brain switched off. It's better than their corrected age of 4 months, so I was happy.

Dr Strachan was very happy that C was on cereal and veggies and said I can start experimenting with fruits, yoghurt, rougher textures, etc.

We can move them onto Nan 2 (Kendra) and Lactogen 2 (Connor) at their 6-month corrected age, 8 months actual.

I asked how much they should be sleeping in a 24-hour period at this age - 13 - 14 hours, 10 at night and the rest during the day. The doctor says they probably will still wake once a night until 9 months!

Kendra might wake twice because of hunger - any more than this means they're waking for "other than hunger" reasons. It seems that Connor sleeps a lot during the day, but honestly, he goes crazy if he doesn't sleep after 90 - 120 minutes of awake time.

So we continue as we have been doing. Next appointment at 9 months.

P.S. Connor's first tooth arrived one day before 6 months! Poor baby was so calm and placid - the little tooth arrived with no fanfare. On Wed he started moaning a little bit when we tried to give him his bottle. Had a look in his mouth, fully expecting to see red gums and instead, a little white tooth. Too cute.

March 14, 2010

Our first visit to Casualty

Today Dion's mum babysat and we went to the movies to see It's Complicated.

I LOVED it. Great acting, beautiful house, nice food and a great story. Another Nancy Meyers hit :)

We drove past my friend's house on the way home to give her a birthday present and we'd literally just arrived when my phone rang.

My MIL says something about Connor's arm and she thinks he needs to go to the hospital.

I was remarkably calm considering this is MY BOY. I'm very calm in stressful work situations; nice to know I still have "it" going on :) - even D said he was pleasantly surprised I didn't freak out LOL

We were at home two minutes later, assessed the arm, grabbed Connor and off we went to Bedford Hospital. I remembered running out the door that he'd be hungry soon so grabbed a bottle and we were off.

See, his one arm was totally normal (he is wild and boyish) but the left one was hanging by his side. When we touched it, he wanted to start crying. We also held out something to him and he didn't even bother trying to grab it as he usually does so big alarm bells went off.

this was taken after "checking in"
look how his left arm is hanging down

The hospital was a pleasure. The whole trip there, waiting, seeing a doctor, X-raying, seeing the doctor, getting home was all less than 45 minutes. Amazing. And wonderful staff.

Also this is another reason I LOVE living in Bedfordview - it's like we're not even in Johannesburg (lots of rude, impatient people... well, compared to the coast, were I'm from). People speak to one another and it's a real community. Connor was his usual charming self and I didn't get in the least bit tired of everyone telling me how cute he is.

The doctor on call did a general exam - eyes, ears, tongue and I think with all that poking and prodding, his arm went back into place because when we were sent to X-ray, he was perfect again. Normal, happy Connor, grabbing at everything (my glasses, necklace, etc.) with BOTH hands.

the cutest little patient I've ever seen :) -
they even have those backless gowns, but TINY ones

left arm back in action in the x-ray queue

chewing on the hospital gown, using that same left hand

getting the x-rays done (I made D hold his arm down!)

Even though he was back to normal, we had the x-rays done anyway and when we went back to the doctor afterwards, he confirmed that Connor was fine and that the bone probably went back into place when they did the x-rays.

And that was that.

I was so relieved that I told Connor, "today, you get away with ANYTHING" LOL

While we had a very pleasant experience considering... I'm not anxious to repeat that visit anytime soon although, as a mother of a boy, I suspect that there just might be more visits in the future.

BTW, D thinks he may have been too rough when they were playing this morning - BOYS! I am so Zen I didn't even shout or blame him.

P.S. We popped in to NICU since it was right next to the x-ray dept and the two nurses on duty both looked after Connor & Kendra when they were patients there. They could not BELIEVE how big he is. I also can't believe that was 8 months ago.

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March 02, 2010

6 months ago - they grow so fast!

I tried to dress them in some new clothes and they'd already outgrown them!

So I got really nervous and started dressing them in all the nice little outfits they received at my baby showers.

These two outfits are from Fatima, who works with me.

I think Connor's worn his three times now and then it was too small, so Kendra inherited the blue version too but she is still happily wearing hers.

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Taken 13 Sept 09 - 9 weeks 5 days

Kendra, an angel,

but not really interested in smiling.

These were taken at 4 and a half months. We have tons of photos of Kendra because she's always awake as she doesn't want to miss out on the action.

By action I mean boring things like tidying the house, cleaning their bottles, etc. :)

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Connor - bits of his personality

Connor's healthy appetite doesn't only extend to solids; when he's hungry he LETS YOU KNOW about it until that bottle's in his mouth.

He gets that "food impatience" from Dion who also has to eat RIGHT NOW if he's hungry.


On this particular day I was changing Kendra and he had to wait. He obviously started crying like "why haven't you fed me for the last 3 days?!" so I put him in the feeding pillow, propped the bottle up and he polished it off all by himself.

This is his "I'm trying SO hard not to cry" face. It lasts for about 10 seconds and then he can't stand it anymore and cries.

Too sweet. Clearly he was not a fan of the self-portrait.

And then he LOVES to sleep. That part he gets from me. We joke and say when they're toddlers, Connor and I will take afternoon naps, Dion will watch sport and Kendra will be running around the house :)

cute feet

look how tall he's getting
While I was applying lotion after his bath, his legs looked so cute. (Everybody has certain things they find irresistible - for me, that's baby feet - I'm not ashamed to admit I have a whole folder of cute feet on my computer)

P.S. posting old pics

Doesn't she look guilty?

I caught her chomping away on her brother’s leg.

He got away after this but she’s fast when she’s being naughty.