February 23, 2010

Cutey patootey

They (Kendra) don't stay still for photos for even a second so these are a minor miracle. You can see how antsy she is - she wants to go go go ;)

February 18, 2010

some cute pics from church last weekend

we'd rather have her sleeping than screaming :)
she is OUT!

I think Connor's trying to tell me something

look how tall he's getting

these are Connor's toes sticking out of the blanket when he fell asleep

February 13, 2010

Playing with the kiddos

Connor's wearing a bodyvest all the way from Australia. I love him in blue - he is ALL boy.

Kendra got a lovely pink one in the same size (up to 6kg) - she is only just able to start wearing it now, three months later!

Kendra, "flying" on my knees, looking very unimpressed. But look, the cheeks are getting fatter :)

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February 05, 2010

he loves laughing with his daddy

one of us has to distract the babies while the other one takes pics because they stop their antics IMMEDIATELY when they see the camera

this was taken on 21 November. That was the week it was so cold (15 degrees) and we'd booked a professional photo shoot (with naked babies) on that particular day. I was very tempted to cancel but we braved the cold and did it anyway.

this is one of my favourite pics of the boys. Connor looks like such a baby there. He's about 3 kg heavier now in just 2 and a half months

Daddy's little girl

This is Kendra at 12 weeks.

I can't believe how tiny she was. Well, she's still tiny but then she was REALLY small.

He can still calm her down with kisses :)

Notice how she clutches his finger - I LOVE the size difference...

look at the fist :)

gorgeous little hands