January 19, 2010


At the babies' 4-month appointment, Connor was given the go-ahead to start cereal.

So we did.

It was going so well that I was scared to mess with a good thing by starting the veggies.

Baby Sense said to first start with all the yellow veggies, so he had butternut, pumpkin, sweet potato and then carrots.

They say you should introduce one food to a baby at a time, for four days, to check for allergies, so that's what we did, although some weeks he ate the same veggie for 6 days in a row if I made more than 4 days' worth.

Yes, I make my own baby food.

Then we started mixing some of those foods - like sweet potato and pumpkin.

And then we went to see the paed.

He also told me to not blend the food too fine as he's seen lots of babies who eat Purity and now can't (or won't) eat anything with lumps or textures because they start gagging and vomiting simply because they're not used to it.

Well, I am certain of one thing - I don't plan to have fussy eaters so I decided to do more textures there and then.

Enter gem squash. Which is stringy..... so I thought, "well, if Connor doesn't like it, then D will have to finish the squash". I'm not into gem squash...

Viola (the nanny) told me that Connor LOVED the gem squash and had no problem with the stringiness.

This boy likes his food.

(I've just looked up the reference on Wikipedia and now, for the first time in my life I find that gem squash is a fruit!!!)

We started him on fruits on Saturday 9th - so far he's had Granny Smith apples (my favourites) and bananas. We started pears today and he's been having some plain yoghurt with his fruit since Sunday.

As for the cereal, he's had rice cereal and maize cereal. (The paed said he could have normal mielie meal!)

When their corrected age is 6 months (8 months actual) we can start introducing mince and chicken.

But the main thing is this - I got that we can experiment with lots of different textured food.


Now Kendra started cereal a month later, at 5 months.

She is not so keen on the food and eats s l o w l y. Dear Lord, you need the patience of Job.

And, sadly, she eats better for Viola than she does for us. But we've been observing V so now we prop her up in exactly the same way and give her lots of encouragement (lots of "good girl") and it's going a tiny bit faster.

She's also had rice cereal and maize cereal. More keen on the maize than the rice cereal.

On Thursday 7th when she was exactly 6 months we started her veggies. She's had pumpkin, butternut and is now on sweet potato.

So far so good.

I think she's getting more used to food because I've actually seen her open her mouth ready for the next spoon. This is huge for Kendra :)

At the moment she's eating half the amount of veggies as Connor and about two-thirds his amount of cereal.

Oh, one more thing the paed said is that they eat better if they get to touch the food.

Gross! (I hate messes but I'm learning to tolerate them)

So here we go, Kendra getting into her food.

P.S. you'll have noticed I don't have high chairs for the babies and quite honestly, I don't know that I need them until they can eat by themselves. I have to hold down Connor's hands otherwise there's food EVERYWHERE (worse than Kendra).
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