January 10, 2010

Connor's sleep gymnastics

This is Connor's new "trick" - sleep gymnastics. He twists around and when I come find him, this is what I see. The pillow has a teddy bear pillowcase.

He doesn't look in the least bit guilty, does he?

We've also found him twisted the other way so his little legs get stuck in between the bars of the cot. Of course, he then wakes when he tries to move his leg and gets frantic when he realises he's stuck.

D's had to move the cot bumper around so it's only at his head and all along this side. Since then, no more feet getting stuck and more peaceful sleep for all of us.

Am I the only one with kids who twist and turn in their sleep?

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Nat said...

As soon as I take away David's two rolled up blankets which I place snuggly against his sides ( he sleeps face up) he starts to 'wander' around the cot looking for something to cosy up to. Maybe Connor is doing the same thing?