December 02, 2009

Winter in November

On Tuesday 17th it suddenly got bitterly cold in Jhb.

We have a VERY cold house (the perfect summer house, not so good in winter) so had to dress up the children in their winter woolies to keep warm.


Connor, looking like a gangster :)

More Kendra

and then these were taken two weeks earlier, also on a cold Joburg day.

Connor - his hands were BLUE from the cold


Tishia said...

I just finished reading through your last several posts and looking at all the pictures (I love the pics keep them coming!). Your kids are absolutely ADORABLE and they are getting soooooo big already - I can't believe they are 20 weeks already. Wow! lol

Having to interview all those nannies must have been stressful. Glad you found one and she accepted your offer!

Tishia said...
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