December 31, 2009

First day of work

Well, my first day back was 10 December so this post is a whole 3 weeks late!

Contrary to all the expectations, going back was not that bad. Yes, really.

Afterwards I actually started thinking there was something wrong with me because I was NOT crying as everyone told me I would be doing.

I think it was largely due to Viola, our new nanny, that we all love.

We trust her COMPLETELY with the kids - in fact, in her interview, when I asked her why I should employ her, she said straight away, "because I'm trustworthy".

When I got home, only Kendra was awake as this girl is not a fan of too much sleep. Don't know where she gets that because her father and I both enjoy our sleep, as does Connor.

So I got snapping because she was all too cute.

There's nothing wrong with her neck. She's looking to the right because Viola's holding a rattle or something, distracting Kendra while I took the pics.
Otherwise all you'd see is a big blur as those hands and feet NEVER stop moving (no joke - I once took 11 pics and of the 11, only 1 was slightly out of focus. The rest? All blurry).

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Suzanne said...

Kendra is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! So calm and serene. She has the look of Dion in the bottom picture. LOL

Nat said...

She look so calm and collected... looking forward to seeing her soon I hope!