December 31, 2009

First day of work

Well, my first day back was 10 December so this post is a whole 3 weeks late!

Contrary to all the expectations, going back was not that bad. Yes, really.

Afterwards I actually started thinking there was something wrong with me because I was NOT crying as everyone told me I would be doing.

I think it was largely due to Viola, our new nanny, that we all love.

We trust her COMPLETELY with the kids - in fact, in her interview, when I asked her why I should employ her, she said straight away, "because I'm trustworthy".

When I got home, only Kendra was awake as this girl is not a fan of too much sleep. Don't know where she gets that because her father and I both enjoy our sleep, as does Connor.

So I got snapping because she was all too cute.

There's nothing wrong with her neck. She's looking to the right because Viola's holding a rattle or something, distracting Kendra while I took the pics.
Otherwise all you'd see is a big blur as those hands and feet NEVER stop moving (no joke - I once took 11 pics and of the 11, only 1 was slightly out of focus. The rest? All blurry).

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December 14, 2009

A mirror for Christmas

Kendra discovered mirrors a few weeks ago and is totally entranced by her reflection.

We can leave her on the playmat for 20 happy minutes while she stares at herself...

So we're getting her a mirror for Christmas. See how she's smiling at herself... :)

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December 11, 2009

Connor's smiles

Connor and Kendra both started smiling around 9 weeks but in the beginning the smiles were so fleeting I was never quick enough to grab the camera so I could document them.

And, of course, they stop smiling the minute they see me approach with any of my cameras, even the cell phone.

Until I set my mind on it one Friday and tricked Connor by holding the camera to the side and just snapping away - later I saw that there were actually some good ones in the bunch :)

"okay, give me just a LITTLE break"

"I told you I'm getting tired"

"That's it - enough already!"
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December 02, 2009

Winter in November

On Tuesday 17th it suddenly got bitterly cold in Jhb.

We have a VERY cold house (the perfect summer house, not so good in winter) so had to dress up the children in their winter woolies to keep warm.


Connor, looking like a gangster :)

More Kendra

and then these were taken two weeks earlier, also on a cold Joburg day.

Connor - his hands were BLUE from the cold