November 03, 2009

They're 17 weeks today!

They've now had three vaccinations; one more to go until 9 months!

poor Connor thinking about what's to come...

Well, it was horrible. Kendra's reaction this time was similar to last time (slightly more niggly but nothing major); Connor, on the other hand, was TRAUMATISED. He was quiet and out of it for a few hours but at 4pm exactly, he started screaming (and he's not a screamer) non-stop for hours and hours on end. Poor baby.


Connor - does it bother anyone else that his vest is up around his armpits? I am trying very hard not to be a control freak so I don't boss the nanny's every move but oy!

that's how they numb their thighs for the jab

this was the calm before the storm...

And we have this same fun to look forward to in two weeks time!

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Anonymous said...

Immunizations are one of the hard parts of early childhood - especially when they give more than one at a time. Eventually you get to where you don't have to have them as often. Now, my daughter, who's in college got her own flu shot at the nurse's office because she didn't want to get sick and miss classes. Hang in there. (Close your eyes or don't look when they give the shots.)

Polly Scott

Nat said...

Did they numb their thighs at the Dr's? D never got any numbing treatments. I can't watch the needle, I just stare into his eyes and keep talking to him. What is the reason for going again in 2 wks? I thought the jabs were 4 wks apart until 16 wks and then a break til 9 months. So I'm expecting one more jab and then a break.

Nat said...

Oh, I think you posted these pics from 2 wks ago, which explains why you're doing this again in 2 wks... sorry being blonde.

Tishia said...

Immunizations are definitely the worst. They are getting big! I can't believe they are 17 weeks already. Wow.